Choctaw Chiefs

Sharing Choctaw History
Charlie Jones and From: “Memorial Exercises at the Grave of Pushmataha.”
Pushmataha 1

Story of Pushmataha, historic Choctaw Chief by W.B. Morrison
Pushmataha 2

Tascaluca meets de Sota
by Michael Wilson of the American Indian Program at Cornell University

A Brief Talk On CHOCTAW HISTORY by Chief David Gardner
A Thanksgiving Speech, 1976 – Chief Gardner

Chief Wilson N. Jones
1. Wilson N. Jones as Principal Chief of the Choctaws, 1890 to 1894.
2. Historic message from 1891 Choctaw Chief Wilson N. Jones
3. Former Chief Wilson N. Jones
From: “Leaders and Leading Men of Indian Territory, Choctaw and Chickasaw,” Volume I by H.F. O’Brolme
4. Former Chiefs of the Choctaw Nation: Wilson N. Jones