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The Choctaw Nation before the Trail of Tears by George Kimbrough

This is a series of stories concerning the development of Oklahoma’s Choctaw Nation, beginning with the early days of the Choctaw in Alabama and Mississippi; the coming of the white man and the resulting “Trail of Tears”, and the evolution of The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma as it is known today. This series is reprinted in the Bishinik from The Paris News.
Choctaw History – Paris News Articles

Choctaw Removal Was Really a “Trail of Tears” by Len Green

(reprinted  as Trail of Tears from Mississippi walked by our Choctaw ancestors)
Trail of Tears

Choctaw Were First To Walk The Trail of Tears

The following is condensed from an article by Virginia Allen that appeared in The Chronicles of Oklahoma, Spring, 1970.
Trail of Tears 1

Trail of Tears by W.B. Morrison

reprinted from Onward September 4, 1927
Trail of Tears 2