A compilation of what I know about my various families and how they are related. Some family trees are available including some of my wife’s families.

Ancestor Photo Project

I have been collecting old photos for a number of years. If you have one to contribute please let me know. Several family albums are presented that can be viewed on this page.

Choctaw History, Life & Culture

This page is a compilation of materials on the Choctaw Nation that I have gathered from various sources. Originally I put it together for my grandchildren to read, but decided to make it available on the web to all interested persons. I hope you enjoy reading about the Choctaw Nation and it’s history and culture.

Mike’s Publications

Mike’s various research publications, articles and projects.

Boucher Bunch

The Boucher Bunch is a small group of various Boucher cousins and other Boucher descendants who are primarily searching for their ancestry in Virginia and possibly Pennsylvania. But we welcome all interested Boucher researchers to join our group regardless of where your Boucher line originated!
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