These articles were taken from various sources and are individually referenced if known. Many are from articles in the Choctaw Nation newspaper called the Bishinik or from its predecessor Hello Choctaw. Much of their info was taken in part from older texts and books; many that were long out of print. I gathered this information for my children and grandchildren so that they may appreciate the Choctaw part of their heritage. I hope that others may also benefit from reading about their ancestors and begin to see the Choctaw Nation’s part in the history of America. I have received permission from the Bishinik and from other publishers in some instances, to place these on the web. For those authors I have not been able to find, please contact me if you wish changes or deletions made.

With apologies, I cannot authoritatively answer your Choctaw related questions, as I learned everything I know from books and articles similar to those on my web site. Check them out from your local library or interlibrary loan. Many of the old books are now being re-published and can be found for sale on the internet. Good Luck!

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