Choctaw Flood Legends

Ancient Choctaw Legend of the Great Flood…

By W. B. Morrison
Choctaw Flood 1

One Choctaw version of the Great Flood…

From: “Source Material for the Social and Ceremonial Life of the Choctaw Indians” by John R. Swanton
Choctaw Flood 2

The Legend of Oklatabishi and the Oka Falamah

By Len Green
Throughout ancient Choctaw legend, the great flood is referred to as Oka Falamah, which means “the returned waters.” This can be explained in two ways. Either the Choctaws believed that at the time of creation, all of the earth was covered with water, or that in pre-history, the people of the tribe had escaped to this continent from an island which sank into the sea.
Choctaw Flood 3