I have set up a collaborative genealogy web page on this server. It will be a worksite for adding family information and correcting it as well. I have added five gedcoms to the site as working projects; Bell, Boucher, Hudgins, Parks/Bonczkowski and Reynolds which includes all my and Vicki's related families. To view the actual info you will need to request to become a user first, then get authenticated. You will need to provide information about your relationship to the various families. After that I can give you access. Authenticated users that are related will be allowed to edit their families. This is not a commercial site. Only relatives may view or edit the data. At any rate try it out and see if you think it will be useful and a better way to access our family history. Please let me know your opinions, good or bad.


Mike's Collaborative GENEALOGY Site

Bell Family

This includes the Lanes, Galvins, Jones and James (Choctaws) as well as all their descendents

Hudgins Family

This includes the Leonard and Wright families as well as all their descendents

Boucher Family

This includes all related families and their descendents primarily from the eastern and southern US

Parks/Bonczkowski Families

Reynolds Families

This includes 3 of Vicki's related families, from MI and IN

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